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Page history last edited by danielacuccurullo 8 years, 9 months ago


Dear Pending Member--

Thank you for applying to the PLE and PLN EVO Session.

We are unable to process your subscription to our group until after Jan 3, 2011, when the Electonic Village Online opens.

If you receive this message BEFORE Dec. 20, 2011, you will have to reapply to gain membership.

Go to our announcement page after December 20, and click the address in the green Join This Group box at the bottom of the page.

Or click on the following link: http://webteachertools.com/wtt/course/view.php?id=872#section-0, to join the group on Moodle.

If you receive this message AFTER December 20, 2011, your pending membership will be approved automatically on or after January 3, 2012.

Thank you again--
The PLE/PLN Moderator Team


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