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Week 5

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Week 5: February 6 - 12


Moderators: Susan, Daniela & Letizia




Presentations and Wrap-Up 


This final week, we will present our work and share the results of the survey on favorite tools with the group, so everyone can benefit from a reference list created by the entire class!  Please take a final survey for the session!




Your tasks for Week 5:






  • Take a couple of minutes to give us feedback about the session by taking this survey  


  • EVO 2012 Wrap-up Webcast:
    Join us for our EVO Mega wrap up, Sunday Feb 12, 14:00 GMT in Elluminate at http://bitly.com/webheadsroom for a live session. Please get your headset ready and be prepared to listen to all the organizers and session leaders of the Electonic Village Online.  


Note: If you missed the final farewell EVO gathering, you can still listen to the recording:  http://tinyurl.com/2012feb12evoL2G







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