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Week 4

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Week 4: January 30 - February 5

Moderators: Susan & Letizia




Participants will share their own PLE/PLNs, they will analyze some open source software, visit-and-tour each other’s and take a survey on their favorite tools/frameworks and purposes.  Emphasis will be on creating, sharing, discussion and feedback




Your tasks for Week 4:



  • Share your PLE or PLN framework and post to the wiki page titled, Participants' Projects
  • Analyze some open source software to implement PLEs and PLNs
  • Visit participants' PLE/PLN and leave comments
  • Discuss and share ideas in our Moodle




SPECIAL EVENT: EVO live with Graham Stanley and Marisa Constantinides

on "PLN's through Facebook Twitter & Nings - the aPLaNet initiative"

Sunday, February 5th at 19:00 GMT


Here is the link to the online class:




We look forward to seeing you! Don't miss it.







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