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Week 1

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Week 1: January 9 - 15 

Moderators: Susan, Daniela & Letizia



Introductions and Participants’ Expertise 


This week participants will introduce themselves to the group and get acquainted with the PBworks Wiki and Moodle platforms as well as with the terminology and the concepts of PLEs and PLNs.  They will analyze and evaluate the variety of frameworks and tools and take a survey of their personal tech capabilities, experience, and needs. We meet asynchronously throughout the week on the Moodle for discussion.    




Your tasks for Week 1:


  • Once you have joined our Moodle, introduce yourself to the group either in words or, if you prefer; in the VoiceThread below and tell us:


3 things we should know about you

2 of your favorite places and activities in the world

1 strong reason for you to have decided to participate in this session.


Directions for VoiceThread: Just click on one of the smiling faces to hear the moderators' introductions and then click on 'Comment' to do your own.  You can choose to type your response, record your voice or make a video with a webcam. Anyone can comment on a VoiceThread, but you must register as a VoiceThread member first.   If you want to go straight to the main VoiceThread page, click here: voicethread.com/share/2463290/







  • If you haven't done so already, take the group survey on your personal tech capabilities, experience, and needs.




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Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 5:54 pm on Jan 15, 2012

I'm enjoying listening to your voices and learning about you all! Or as we say in the southern US, "y'all". Here's a link to VoiceThread's Digital library with educators' projects: http://voicethread.com/about/library/

Sandra Annette Rogers said

at 10:15 pm on Jan 19, 2012

If you'd like to leave a comment here, just request access to this wiki.

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