PLEs and PLNs for Lifelong Learning 


January 9th- February 12th, 2012  




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In recent years, there has been a new array of learning management systems (LMS). Tools such as blogs, wikis, screencasting, and social bookmarking have created a significant shift in the educational experience. Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) enable learners to have greater control over their own learning experience. This session will take a look at the current situation by clarifying the concepts of personal learning environments and networks (PLNs). Participants will create their own PLE or PLN and select which Web 2.0 tools they want to support it, as the 5-week session evolves.  We will use this wiki and a Moodle platform for sharing information and facilitating interactions. 


Target Audience:


Teachers, educators, and individuals seeking an innovative approach to new learning dimensions.







Communication tools to be used:












 final webinar with PLE&PLN mentor and moderators:


Friday 10th February at 2.30 pm CET/ 1.30 pm GMT.

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